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Recreation Virtual Services

Join us as we launch our new Recreation Virtual Services. Participate in fun activities that keep you active and social! Please click on the activity on the calendar to register and scroll down for a list of activity descriptions.

For more information email
When multiple sessions of the same activity are offered, please only register for one session per day. Contact us to be added to the waiting list of any sold out activities. 

April 2021

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Friday, April 2, 2021
Sunday, April 4, 2021
Monday, April 5, 2021
Thursday, April 29, 2021

To participate in our virtual recreation activities you must register online to receive the Zoom meeting ID and password. Please be sure you have access to a device with a webcam and microphone, and to set the Zoom account name to the participant's first name. Each activity will have limited participation so please contact us should you need to cancel your registration. 

Virtual Recreation Activity Descriptions 

  • Chat & Chill
    Chat & Chill

    Join us as we hang out on Zoom, talk about our favorite things, and get creative! This month we are having a Show and Tell, Coloring Book Clubs, Sign Language, Movie Review, Art Share and Fireside Chat.

  • Game Night
    Game Night

    Play a fun game with friends on Zoom! This month we're playing Mad Libs, iSpy, Hangman and Pictionary, Spot the Difference, Disney Trivia, Would You Rather, Name that Tune and Disney Name that Tune.

  • Bingo

    Play a virtual game of Easter Bingo every Tuesday with your friends! Participants will print out the provided Easter themed bingo cards, and use coins or buttons to mark off their boards until they get Bingo.

  • Karaoke

    Sing along to your favorite songs at a virtual Karaoke session every Wednesday. Participants must submit their song requests ahead of time in the event registrations

  • Thursday Theme Dance
    Thursday Theme Dance

    Dance along to your favorite songs for one hour at our Easter Theme Dance. Feel free to request your favorite song in the event registration, and have fun with the theme by dressing up!

  • Paint Class
    Paint Class

    Thanks to a grant from the Ocean County Cultural and Heritage Commission, 10 registered participants per month will receive a free art kit to follow along to a virtual step-by-step paint class.

  • Chat and Chill: Coloring Book Club
    Chat and Chill: Coloring Book Club

    Virtually color with your friends while listening to music. Participants will provide their own coloring book materials and share their masterpiece at the end of the session.

    Required Materials:
    - Coloring pages (coloring book or printed from the internet)
    - Crayons, coloring pencils or markers

  • Game Night: Mad Libs
    Game Night: Mad Libs

    Play a virtual fill in the blank story game called Mad Libs by giving examples of nouns, adjectives and verbs to the activity leader when called on. These different words will fill in the blanks to a fun story that will be read out loud.

    Optional Materials:
    -List of example words

  • Game Night: iSpy
    Game Night: iSpy

    Play a virtual game of iSpy by looking at the activity leader’s screen and counting how many objects you can find.

  • Game Night: Hangman
    Game Night: Hangman

    Play a virtual game of hangman by guessing one letter at a time, when called on by the activity leader, to try to figure out what the mystery word is.

  • Game Night: Pictionary

    Play a virtual game of Pictionary by guessing what word the activity leader is drawing.

  • Game Night: Spot the Difference
    Game Night: Spot the Difference

    Play a virtual game of Spot the Difference by paying close attention to the activity leader’s screen, who will shut off their camera for 30 seconds to change objects around, then turn the camera back on. Participants will then search for anything different in the room and raise their hand when they find the change.

  • Game Night: Trivia
    Game Night: Trivia

    Play a virtual trivia game by answering the multiple choice questions asked by the activity leader.

  • Chat and Chill: Show and Tell
    Chat and Chill: Show and Tell

    Join us as we hold a classic show and tell session with our friends. Each participant will have 5 minutes to show an object and tell their friends “who, what, where, when, why and how” about the object.

    Required Materials:
    - Bring 1 object from your house

  • Chat and Chill: Sign Language
    Chat and Chill: Sign Language

    Join us as we learn the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet one letter at a time.

  • Game Night: Would You Rather
    Game Night: Would You Rather

    Play a virtual game of Would You Rather by choosing 1 of the 2 options given to you by the activity leader and explaining why you choose it. Example: would you rather eat a brownie or eat or cupcake?

  • Game Night: Name The Tune
    Game Night: Name The Tune

    Play a virtual music guessing game called Name that Tune by listening to a short clip of a song and guessing the name, artists or lyrics.

  • Chat and Chill: Movie Review
    Chat and Chill: Movie Review

    Join us as we talk about the movie “Pets 2”. We will talk about our favorite scene, favorite character and will answer trivia questions. The movie “Pets 2” can be found on Netflix.
    Required Materials:
    - Watch “Despicable Me” prior to joining the discussion

  • Chat and Chill: Art Share

    Join us as we hold a show and tell session specifically for our art. Each participant will have 5 minutes to explain what piece of art they brought, where they made it, when they made it, why they made it and how they made it.

    Required Materials:
    - 1 piece of handmade art

  • Chat and Chill: Fireside Chat
    Chat and Chill: Fireside Chat

    Join us as we talk about what we did during the week at our fireside chats. A virtual video of a fire will play in the background as one participant at a time will talk about what activities they did during the week, what their favorite part of the week was, any upcoming weekend plans and overall anything they want to share.