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Employment Supports

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Employment Supports assists individuals with disabilities in achieving equal opportunities for employment so that they can earn competitive wages. We support individuals in making informed choices about their work and careers and provide the resources to be successful in community employment.

  • Supported Employment Services refers to the spectrum of services provided to individuals with disabilities to assist in the process of obtaining and maintaining competitive integrated employment in the community.
  • Trial Work Experience (TWE) is a diagnostic service that occurs in a community setting utilized to help determine eligibility for Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) services. During TWE an individual has the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences in various work related settings in the most integrated environment possible. The individual will be exposed to a variety of job tasks and environments over a sufficient period of time allowing for an adequate assessment of the individual’s interests and capabilities as they relate to employment.

Employment Supports operates on a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the individual and the job in the community. Individuals participate in various service options that are community based to gain the skills for competitive employment.

Benefits Counseling

(SSI & SSDI Work Incentives Planning)

Is it possible to work and maintain SSI and SSDI benefits? Yes! Benefits Counselors can show you how to control the loss of your benefits, so that you can maintain these public cash and healthcare benefits, for as long as you need them, while pursuing work goals. Social Security Work Incentives are the tools that provide this safety net and The Arc, Ocean County Chapter’s Work Incentives Planners can help you learn how to use them to maintain benefits, while working. For more details please email Greg Makely, Senior Director of Vocational Services.  

Ticket to Work

The Arc of Ocean County Employment Network can provide employment support services, under the Ticket to Work Program. SSI and SSDI Ticketholders, ages 18-64 can now assign their Tickets to The Arc of Ocean County Employment Network to receive assistance in preparing for, finding, and keeping work, as well as building a career. To learn more about assigning your Ticket and receiving services, go to

Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

Who is Eligible for Services?
To be eligible for services, an individual must have a physical or mental disability that results in substantial impediment to employment and require vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, enter, engage in, or retain gainful employment with the NJDVRS applicant’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities and informed choice.

How Do I Apply for Services?
Contact your local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) office and request to schedule an intake. If deemed eligible for services, you can request that your referral be sent to The Arc, Ocean County Chapter, Inc.

What Services are Offered?

  • Person-Centered Approach
  • Intake and Assessments
  • Community Based Training Opportunities
  • Report Writing with Detailed Observations
  • Referral Assistance
  • Job Searching
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Completing Job Applications
  • Seeking Appropriate Transportation
  • Contacting Employers
  • Obtaining Reasonable Accommodations
  • Job Restructuring
  • On-Site Job Coaching

How Long Do Services Last?
Supported Employment focuses on the completion of a successful 90-day milestone whereas Trial Work Experience must be conducted for a sufficient time for a conclusive assessment but cannot exceed 18 months.

Can I receive assistance with transportation?
Yes, The Arc Vocational Services team can provide assistance with travel training. Travel training is intensive instruction designed to teach people with disabilities how to travel safely and independently on public transportation. Additionally, we can assist with making arrangements for transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Employment Supports is seeking new business partners to participate as TWE job sites for individuals with disabilities in Ocean County. Please contact us today to learn more.

What do we look for in a community partner? 
The Arc seeks partnerships with businesses in Ocean County that have a vested interest in helping individuals with disabilities achieve their desired employment outcomes. Individuals in the program should feel valued and viewed as equal contributors to the workplace.

What are the expectations of an employer? 

  • Provide training on job tasks to both the individual and support staff from the provider agency so that upon conclusion of initial training, support staff can adequately supervise and evaluate the individual on their performance.
  • Provide a schedule detailing days/hours the individuals will be permitted to be onsite, dress code policies and other procedures as applicable.
  • Encouraged to evaluate the needs of their business to determine where individuals can be most beneficial within the workplace.
  • Encouraged to hold individuals accountable for their actions in the workplace, and provide feedback as they would to paid employees.
  • Employers are not expected to offer competitive employment nor be permitted to pay out a wage for TWE work completed
  • Individuals will not replace paid staff.
  • Individuals in TWE will be fully supervised at all times by Arc staff who will serve as a liaison between the individual and employer.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance will be made available upon request.

For more information contact Janice Kinchen, Director of Vocational Services - Employment Supports at 732-363-3335 x1160 or by email.