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Transition Services

Provides customized programming to students transitioning out of high school looking for employment and/or vocational, life, and social skills training opportunities. Transition services include a collaborative approach in the pursuit of post-school opportunity and future placement.

This  process  may include  hands-on instruction, community based job sampling and social experiences, and development and acquisition of daily living skills, to address post-school learning and working experiences. Flexible scheduling is available to best meet individual needs. Case management services are provided to help the student navigate appropriate referral partners at the state level to promote a fluid transition of services upon graduation. Our team is also available to attend planning meetings as requested.

Who Is Responsible for Transition Services?

Transition planning is a partnership involving students, their families, school personnel, special education, and local community and adult services representatives. Transition is more effective when the student is involved in the process. Involvement gives the student a sense of control over the outcome and a responsibility for carrying out the transition plan. It gives students the opportunity to learn about their strengths and skills and to apply that knowledge in useful ways.

The sending school district is financially responsible for covering the cost of participation as well as transportation to/from the designated agency site. Agency personnel work directly with the school district to establish a contract for services.

For more information contact Emily Stadthaus, Transition Coordinator for Vocational Services at 732-363-3335 x1205 or by email.