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About Us


The Arc, Ocean County Chapter was established in 1955 as part of a national movement by parents of children with developmental disabilities. At this time, little was known about the condition and causes of intellectual disability and there were virtually no programs in communities to support families. Parents and other concerned citizens joined together to act as a voice for change and so began The Arc's journey

Today, The Arc, Ocean County Chapter is a thriving organization which continues to provide strong advocacy and extensive programs and services for people with disabilities to fully participate as active members of the local community.

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Arc, Ocean County Chapter, Inc. is to advocate, provide opportunities and supports necessary for all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be accepted and valued as citizens of the communities in which they choose to live, learn, work and play.

Vision Statement

Our vision is based upon core values that we share with The Arc US which include that:

  • People with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families are valued, respected and included in all communities.
  • People with intellectual and developmental disabilities direct their own lives.
  • People choose their services and supports from many available sources.
  • Families are supported to ensure that a person with a disability is afforded the rights, duties, responsibilities, and full participation as citizens in their community.
  • People are empowered through nonprofit advocacy. State and federal governments administer programs and set budgets that meet everyone’s needs.

The History of The Arc