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Adaptive Fitness Field Day Fun!

Woman playing a game with colorful balls

The Arc, Ocean County Chapter recently hosted its 2nd Annual Adaptive Fitness Field Day, a vibrant celebration aimed at encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle for adults with disabilities. 

This event was filled with 5 exciting and engaging activities designed to promote physical fitness, coordination, and above all, fun! Among the many highlights were the "Chicken Fling," where participants used a slingshot to launch rubber chickens into hoops, and "Don't Spill the Beans," a challenge where participants had to collect as many balls as possible by dumping them behind their backs. These creative and enjoyable stations brought smiles and laughter to all involved, emphasizing the importance of physical activity in a delightful way. 

The day's success wouldn't have been possible without the incredible volunteers, from the finance and human resources department along with students from the Manchester High School National Honors Society, who dedicated their time and energy to ensure every game station was a hit. Their enthusiasm and support were instrumental in creating an inclusive and joyful atmosphere for everyone. A huge thank you to all the volunteers for their invaluable contributions, making this event an unforgettable experience for our community!