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Recreation Formal Fun

Man and woman dancing

The Arc, Ocean County Chapter recently hosted its highly anticipated annual Recreation Formal Dance that brought together 200 adults with disabilities with their friends, family, and staff to celebrate inclusion, community, and fun while providing a unique opportunity for everyone to come together in an environment filled with laughter and happiness.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the dance floor, where everyone regardless of ability, came together to move to the music. The DJ played a mix of popular hits and classic dance tunes, ensuring there was something for everyone to dance to, and there was even a lively singing session which added an extra layer of fun to the night. The energy was infectious, with smiles and laughter resonating throughout the room. 

Events like these are crucial in promoting an active lifestyle and encouraging social interaction among adults with disabilities. The Arc, Ocean County Chapter's annual Recreation Formal Dance is a testament to the power of community, inclusion, and the simple joys of life.