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#ArcOcean has some Master Chefs

#ArcOcean has some Master Chefs

Watch Out Food Network, Looks Like #ArcOcean has some Master Chefs in the Kitchen

We’re whipping up some delicious recipes while mastering our cooking skills here at The Arc, Ocean County Chapter. 

With the help from staff, our residents are following step-by-step recipes to work on their cooking skills; and are of course being rewarded with the food they just prepared.

Residents are practicing basic skills such as how to measure out ingredients or how to set the oven timer, to more advanced skills like learning the proper way to hold a knife while cutting.

We’ve made some healthy recipes like stuffed peppers, spaghetti, noodle keugal and pizza; but we can’t deny our sweet tooth and also have baked cookies, brownies, apple crumb pie, cannolis, and cupcakes.

Our bellies are full, and our smiles are happy.